How To Make Glitter Shoes: A DIY Tutorial In Creating Sparkly Heels! ♥


Shall we commence with a rhyme?!

If you’ve ever found yourself lusting over the perfect sparkly, shimmering shoe,
Ooh, guess what?! Do I have a tutorial for you!
It’s quick, it’s easy and surprisingly cheap,
And the finished product will be so dazzling (literally!), you’ll probably WEEP!

All you need is glitter, two paint brushes and Mod Podge glue,
A couple of hours of your time, and some fantastic music (can I recommend Michael Jackson?) to bop along to.
So come, let’s GO! Let’s create these beautiful kicks!
I’ll conclude this poetic interlude, and move on to the tricks!

How to make glitter shoes, glitter shoes, DIY

What You’ll Need:

x A pair of – wait for it – shoes! (I opted for $40 patent pumps from Target, but you could use anything. Boots? Ballet flats? Clogs?! The choice is yours!)
x A tub of Mod Podge Gloss Lustre, a fast-drying sealer, glue and finish (I purchased mine from Ebay for approximately $13)
x A heap of glitter (tip: like anything, it pays to shop around for this. I almost bought seven vials of glitter – with a price tag of $5.95 each – until I spotted this HUGE bottle of fuchsia glitter underneath them for just $6.00. Bargain!)
x Two fine paint brushes
x Masking tape

How to make glitter shoes, glitter shoes

Sparkle, sparkle! Tutorial coming soon! ♥

To begin, cover any areas of your shoes that you don’t want twinkling (such as the soles) with masking tape. If your footwear has laces, temporarily remove them.

Sparkle, sparkle! Tutorial coming soon! ♥

Next, pour approximately 1/3 of the Mod Podge into a paper cup or small disposable container, and add half of your glitter. Swirl it around together (I did so using the latest instrument in advanced technology, a stick!), and then, with one of your paint brushes, apply a thin layer of the mixture to your shoe. (Psst! Don’t be alarmed when you add your first coat and think ”argh! Everything’s WHITE!”: the mixture does turn clear as it dries.)

(See? Just take a peek at that heel for evidence!)

how to make glitter shoes, glitter shoes

Allowing each coat to dry, repeat the painting method until you’ve achieved your desired level of glimmer (tip #2: for a faster process, gradually sprinkle remaining glitter over each coat by hand.). To finish, add a small amount of Mod Podge to another paper cup or container, and using your second paint brush, coat the shoes with a final layer to seal them.

Pink glitter shoes, glitter shoes

And that’s it! You’re done! (Could they be any more fun?!)

Thank-you so much to the hugely talented Annie Spandex for originally providing this ingenious tutorial!


30 thoughts on “How To Make Glitter Shoes: A DIY Tutorial In Creating Sparkly Heels! ♥

  1. Maria

    WOW! This looks fantastic, I will have to try this… do you know if it works for any type of shoe/texture (e.g. a non-patent pair of flats?)

    Maria xxx

  2. Julie

    These look so fantastic!! I can’t wait to see you strut your stuff in them :D.

    I’m going to get myself a pair of glitter heels… I’m too lazy to DIY them :P.

  3. frockandroll

    Maria – Thank-you so much Maria, and DO, DO! 🙂 I’d definitely recommend using a shoe with a harder surface (such as a patent shoe), just to prevent them cracking with movement. You could absolutely try with a non-patent pair of flats, I’m just not sure that they’d last/maintain their glitter for as long. Good luck! (And let me know if you decide to make some, because I’d *love* to see them!)

    Kez – Haha awww, thanks Kez! You know what?! I WILL!

    Tiara – Thanks Maaaaaa! 😀 We’ll have to bedazzle some of your shoes now! 😀

    Melificent – Definitely! It’s so simple to do, as well!

    Julie – Thanks Julie! 😀 BUT THEY’RE SO EASY TO MAKE! Honestly! (And about $60 cheaper than the ones you can buy here, too!)

    M.P. – Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  4. Halley

    This is fantastic! I have never wanted sparkly shoes but now, now I want them!

    I’m definitely including this in my next link love post. X

    Great tut!

  5. luz

    I love these my daughter is 13 and she needs sparkly shoes for her dress .I love that I can make her an awesome pair of shoes at the length that I want thank u so much 😉


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