10 Things I Did In 2015 ♥


And so, it’s here… ANOTHER YEAR! Seemingly overnight, October-November-December became January, and then January became February, so before June becomes July-August-September (and you know it will!), I thought I’d press ‘pause’ on 2016, and remember the eventful twelve months that was 2015… Continue reading

We’re Off To New York City! ♥


Every year I think to myself “well, NOTHING is going to top the craziness that has been the past 12 months…” (in 2012, I bounced between England, Ireland, Nepal and Scotland, and moved from Australia to New Zealand. In 2013, I fell pregnant. In 2014, I shifted from one end of New Zealand to the other, gave birth to a beautiful wee girl, and enrolled at university. In 2015, I re-located again, purchased a property, and met the most wonderful fellow – at my workplace of all places! – imaginable, Casey), and yet, without fail, every single year seems to be more eventful than the previous one. Continue reading

6 Of The Craziest Things I’ve Done To Save Money ♥

6 Of The Craziest Things I've Done To Save Money ♥

Stuff recently published a list of admissions from personal finance experts and bloggers about the most bizarre things that they’d ever done to save money, and while some of them were a little too batty even for me (hanging around at a discount furniture store for free food? Really?!), I’m sure some people would wrinkle their nose up at my own confessions! Take, for example, those times I… Continue reading

No Matter What You Do In Life, There’s One Thing That’s Certain: People Are Always Going To Say Something ♥

I wouldn’t normally repost something in its entirety, but this was too terrific (and TRUE) not to share…!


If you get pregnant at 20, people say: “She’s too young to have a baby”.

If you get pregnant at 35: “She’s risking her baby’s health!” Continue reading

Lipidol’s ‘Overnight Face Oil’ Review ♥

Lipidol Overnight Face OilFinding a product that’s affordable – yet effective – is ALWAYS the aim of my spending game, so when I spotted Lipidol’s ‘Overnight Face Oil’ and its purse-pleasing price tag ($9.95!), I couldn’t resist reviewing it! Continue reading

Taking Stock ♥


Making: I’ve been totally getting my bake on lately, and it has been BRILLIANT. (And delicious!)
Cooking: Not tonight! I’m heading off to my grandmother’s for roasted salmon, fiddle-dee-dee!  Drinking: Raspberry cordial and diet lemonade with about 1,2636363636 ice cubes in it.
Reading: Zip. Zilch. And to be honest, having JUST (finally) completed my first year as a university student, I intend to keep it that way; I’ve had more than my fair share of reading material this semester, and am so happy to not have to have my head buried in textbooks for a while!
Continue reading

Viewing “Problems” In A New Light ♥

UntitledIn even the crummiest of situations, there’s usually a silver lining. Sometimes we might have to dig deep (like, Pacific Ocean-deep!) to find it, while others it might be as simple as taking a breath, inspecting the above image (isn’t it excellent?!), and thinking about what good fortune our “problems” might be masquerading as. Continue reading

Taking Stock ♥

Oh, hi! Jeez, it’s been a while (or at least, it feels like forever!) since we’ve spoken, hasn’t it?! Pull up a chair and tell me about your September, and I’ll fill you in with mine through another edition of ‘Taking Stock‘!

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The Best Of The Italian Countryside ♥ (Sponsored)

Short-term-rentals-Trevinano-L-Albero-Bianco_28Italy is made stunning not only by its exquisite capital cities, rich history, delectable cuisines, cultures and traditions, but its jaw-droppingly luscious countryside. (Just look at that greenery, would you?!) Continue reading

Music To Inspire: Tunes That Will Have NZ Rocking This Year ♥ (Sponsored)


Few things are better than blaring your favourite beats in the comfort of your home, but singing, sashaying away to, and getting up close and personal to the act of your dreams at a concert is definitely one of them! Although 2015 is quickly drawing to a close (crazy, hey? Weren’t we just belting out Auld Lang Syne yesterday?!), ticking “attend a live gig” off the year’s bucket list is still entirely possible, with some of the world’s most popular soul and rock and roll performers scheduled to hit New Zealand before December 31 descends upon us again. Let’s have a gander at who’s on the set list, shall we?! Continue reading