Lipidol’s ‘Overnight Face Oil’ Review ♥

Lipidol Overnight Face OilFinding a product that’s affordable – yet effective – is ALWAYS the aim of my spending game, so when I spotted Lipidol’s ‘Overnight Face Oil’ and its purse-pleasing price tag ($9.95!), I couldn’t resist reviewing it! Continue reading

Taking Stock ♥


Making: I’ve been totally getting my bake on lately, and it has been BRILLIANT. (And delicious!)
Cooking: Not tonight! I’m heading off to my grandmother’s for roasted salmon, fiddle-dee-dee!  Drinking: Raspberry cordial and diet lemonade with about 1,2636363636 ice cubes in it.
Reading: Zip. Zilch. And to be honest, having JUST (finally) completed my first year as a university student, I intend to keep it that way; I’ve had more than my fair share of reading material this semester, and am so happy to not have to have my head buried in textbooks for a while!
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Viewing “Problems” In A New Light ♥

UntitledIn even the crummiest of situations, there’s usually a silver lining. Sometimes we might have to dig deep (like, Pacific Ocean-deep!) to find it, while others it might be as simple as taking a breath, inspecting the above image (isn’t it excellent?!), and thinking about what good fortune our “problems” might be masquerading as. Continue reading

Taking Stock ♥

Oh, hi! Jeez, it’s been a while (or at least, it feels like forever!) since we’ve spoken, hasn’t it?! Pull up a chair and tell me about your September, and I’ll fill you in with mine through another edition of ‘Taking Stock‘!

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The Best Of The Italian Countryside ♥ (Sponsored)

Short-term-rentals-Trevinano-L-Albero-Bianco_28Italy is made stunning not only by its exquisite capital cities, rich history, delectable cuisines, cultures and traditions, but its jaw-droppingly luscious countryside. (Just look at that greenery, would you?!) Continue reading

The Love That I’m Looking For… ♥

The hardest part about parenting

The hardest part about parenting hasn’t been the sleepless nights, teething or watching as my infant buoyantly smooshes her biscuits into my new chocolate-brown lounge suite (thanks, Charlie!). It’s been questioning, as I reflect on my endless, all-consuming love as a mother, why I never received that from my own.

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Music To Inspire: Tunes That Will Have NZ Rocking This Year ♥ (Sponsored)


Few things are better than blaring your favourite beats in the comfort of your home, but singing, sashaying away to, and getting up close and personal to the act of your dreams at a concert is definitely one of them! Although 2015 is quickly drawing to a close (crazy, hey? Weren’t we just belting out Auld Lang Syne yesterday?!), ticking “attend a live gig” off the year’s bucket list is still entirely possible, with some of the world’s most popular soul and rock and roll performers scheduled to hit New Zealand before December 31 descends upon us again. Let’s have a gander at who’s on the set list, shall we?! Continue reading

Smart, Slick & Time-Saving: 5 Of The Best Apps In 2015 ♥ (Sponsored)

5ofthebestappsforsavvyladiesin2015With their cameras that just about rival any professional photographer’s, sophisticated communication options (iMessage and FaceTime, I love you!), and amazing ability to stream music, it seems that the only thing our beloved iPhones can’t do is bring us our morning coffee and butter our toast. (No doubt that they’re working on this for the next release, though!)  Our devices also enable us to access an impressive range of apps, helping us to keep on top of our careers, stay in touch with our nearest and dearest, and even win the odd bit of extra cash (woohoo!). From a mobile entertainment website to an INSANELY clever scanning tool, here’s 5 of the best apps in 2015; all smart, all slick, and absolutely time-saving! Continue reading

Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s the weekend, and our favourite things (a tip-top new concealer? Plastic wrappers?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!
thankfrockitsfridayI’ve been feeling more “MEH” than magnificent lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather (it’s been hail-raining), seeing my newsfeed filled with images of a handful of my gal pals getting gussied up for parties while I’ve been putting the finishing touches on… case studies (RIVETING stuff right there, huh?! Somebody call the cops; I can’t be tamed!), or because I’m – *gasp* – a HUMAN BEING, and lows are as much as a part of our journey as highs are, but my lips have been pointed downwards for most of this month. Sad trombone!  Continue reading

K-mart NZ’s Latest ‘Living’ Collection ♥

Kmart NZ knitted ottoman in petrol

Just when we thought that they couldn’t get any better: K-mart NZ’s latest ‘Living’ collection knocks it out of the PARK!

Grab yourself a cup of tea (I’ll join you!) and prepare to set your face to STUNNED, because K-mart NZ’s latest ‘Living’ collection is b-e-a-utiful! Continue reading