Taking Stock ♥

Was it really LAST APRIL that we played the ‘Taking Stock’ game?! Jeez. Apparently! Let’s farewell July (yes… already!) with another round, shall we?!
takingstockMaking : Changes, to my beauty regime (like actually implementing one!), to my bedroom, to my aspirations… all good things!
Cooking : FAR more than I’m exercising (this must be resolved), and I need to part ways with chocolate cake-in-a-mug. Have you ever tried one?! Wait… what am I saying?! Run! SAVE YOURSELF! Do not become seduced by the ease and excellence of mixing ingredients such as flour and cocoa powder together to produce a tantalising confection, and GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! (It’s too late for me, *sob*. I’m hooked!)
Drinking : Hot water with lemon, in an attempt to ward off the cold that’s been lurking… but I’m losing the battle. There is minimal difference between Barry White’s speaking voice and mine today.
Reading: The readings for my ‘Human Development’ paper, and feeling major brain strain. But this is going to be one of those testing periods that I eventually look back on (“awww, look how stressed I was… cute!”) with euphoria that it’s completed and conquered, right? (Right?!)
Wanting:  I tell you, I would not refuse return airfares to a tropical island right about now…
Looking: Outside, at the big, blue sky. HALLELUJAH! After 24 hours of heavy rain, the sunshine’s appearing again!
Playing:  Amy Winehouse’s In My Bed (“you’ll never get my mind right; like two ships passing in the night…”) (“In the ni-ght, in the niiighhht!”).
Deciding: What this afternoon’s priorities are. That ‘Academic Writing’ assignment? Oh, alright. A walk? Well, I should fit one in…
Wishing: Sometimes, that there were just a few more hours in the day.
Enjoying: Having an iMac desktop computer; it is magical.
Waiting: For Charlie to wake up, so that we can venture to the supermarket for more sickness supplies.  I know. “Tone it down, you wild woman,” you must be thinking. “Your life is out of CONTROL!” Whakatane, New Zealand Liking: Florence & The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album. 
Wondering: What answers await the next edition of ‘Taking Stock’… 
Loving: The month that has been July. So much has happened!
Pondering: Nosy Corrine is pondering what’s become of the gang headquarters nearby. The house has been empty for weeks, and as of yesterday, what appeared to be contractors were removing all of its contents… but there’s no sign of the family? Hmmm! (Mind your own business, Corrine!)
Considering: Taking the aforementioned stroll I’m contemplating to K-mart, you know, “just for a look” (Next minute I’ve returned home with a vase, a clock and three pineapple lamps that I never knew I needed!)
Buying: Equipment to kit out my “office”, and by “office” I mean “that wall beside my bed where my computer sits”.
Watching: Zilch.
Hoping: For a “YES!”
Marvelling: At how the addition of semi-dried tomatoes – not sun-dried (ick!); semi-dried – instantly amplifies the taste of a meal. They’re my new favourite pantry item!
Cringing: At how some can only see what’s “wrong”, and not right, in everything, every day, always… 
Needing:  To wriggle into bed at a decent hour this evening.
Questioning: When Charlie will take her first unaided steps… 
Smelling: The vanilla candle I just lit after reading this question and realising how snooze-worthy “um, nothing” would be for an answer!
Wearing: Leggings, pink tartan socks, a fleecy black jumper and about a thousand layers underneath it. Surely it should be illegal to be this sexy?! (Ha!)
Following: A whole heap of marvellous people, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook(And then I wonder why I can’t put my phone down at night. It’s because you’re all too interesting!)
Noticing: That even though my sprog has an infant-sized laptop, tablet and an assortment of other expensive toys, she’ll still only gravitate towards old catalogues and dirt. Children. Honestly!
Knowing: That if something doesn’t pan out, it simply wasn’t meant to be. On to the next ambition!
Thinking: The feedback that I’ve received on ‘Gee, I’m Glad I’M NOT Single‘, both here and in a community for solo parents that it was shared in, has been FASCINATING. This pearler (from a gentleman himself) in particular stuck with me: “it’s totally backwards, Corrine. You know that photo doing the rounds of that hunky dude wearing shades and rocking a baby strapped to his waist? If you took that guy he’s attractive enough, but add a baby and suddenly his hotness rating shoots through the roof. But to take an attractive woman and add a child to her picture is apparently less attractive? It makes no sense…”
Admiring: How – in a multitude of ways – 2015 has turned out better than I even could have comprehended.
Sorting: Perpetually! I’ve become so anal and order-orientated (who is this imposter, and what have you done with the former me?!) that even Sheldon Cooper would be weirded out!
Getting: That nervous, butterflies-in-my-stomach sensation that only potential shake-ups can bring.
Bookmarking: Small, inexpensive white desks, which are surprisingly challenging to find! 
Coveting: SUMMER. Never again will I take you for granted, warmth! (Has this winter been brutal for you too?!)
Disliking: Excessive negativity.
Opening: Microsoft Word in the background, because then I can pat myself on the back for “starting” my next essay, can’t I? Yippee!
Giggling: Often, and usually at messages from Lena. She’s hilarious!
Feeling: Proud that the word “no”, within reason, is becoming easier to utter.
Snacking: Forget snacking, I’m blitzing pasta with crushed tomatoes, basil, garlic, spinach, onions and chilli in the microwave for lunch, YUM!
Helping: There’s room for improvement in this area. While I did swoop down to pick up an item that an elderly man had dropped at the shops yesterday, it’s hardly medal-worthy…
Hearing: The washing machine beeping away. What timing! Time to skedaddle and hang it out, but I hope that you have a terrific day!


“Gee, I’m Glad I’M Not Single…” ♥

Disclaimer: This post has been brewing in my ‘Drafts’ folder for a while, and is not directed at absolutely anyone in particular (it’s a total coincidence if this is something we’ve gabbed about lately!), nor is it intended to offend. Cool? Cool!"Gee, I'm Glad I'M Not Single..."

Despite the end of a relationship often being the beginning of something spectacular (oh, just you WAIT!), never – never – have I observed as many offerings of remorse being heaped upon a female who’s recently emerged from a divorce or break-up, or shared her single status.

You’re splitting from …? They’re so sorry! It’s not working out with…? Ugh. How UNFORTUNATE! Singularity, it seems, is a state of affairs worthy only of sadness and sympathy (“I feel for you…”), and when you’re not being apologised to, you’re receiving assurances that “things will get better” in the same “there, there” tone that might be applied to a child. “Blimey,” you remark to yourself. Anyone would think that you had a terminal illness!

In the same vein, “gee, I’m glad I’M not single”, and “phew! Thank goodness I don’t have to use Tinder” are two statements which are often bandied about, and yet, which I struggle to understand. What is it about not having a partner that’s attracted such an unfavourable reputation? Why do so many who are coupled assume that participating in Tinder (for the record, I haven’t downloaded it myself, but that’s only because I’m genuinely not seeking a plus one!), is something to feel grateful to be removed from, to the point where they’re bordering on looking down their noses at those who aren’t? Pardon my indignation, but SPARE ME! Yes, there are some horror stories out there; dating – and solitude – has its flaws. But so do spouses, and assuming that the grass is greener on a wedded woman’s side (when her best friend in the opposite position may be inspecting their patch of lawn and thanking the heavens that that’s not her!), as though it’s fact, is fool’s play.

I’ve examined both outlooks; I’ve had two long-term loves (I was with my first boyfriend for eight years, and my daughter’s father for two), and I’ve been flying solo since November 2013. Both, like everything, have their positives and negatives, but I now know with certainty that a lack of a companion isn’t ANYTHING to emit pity for. I no longer reply “gosh, my heart is breaking for you, how awful” when I learn of a pal’s split. I ask them if they’re okay, and then, when they’re ready, remind them that there’s so much at their feet. Because there is.


Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s the weekend, and our favourite things (shuffling along in the sunshine on a winter’s day and remembering how magnificent it feels to be WARM? Light switches?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!
Charlie's First Birthdayx The High That Follows A Truly Perfect Event – Ho-ho! Things are serious when I utter the word “perfect”, aren’t they?! It’s not normally a description that I would EVER use, but what else could encapsulate the splendour that was experienced when not one, but three desserts appeared at Charlie’s birthday party?! Alright; it wasn’t just because of the banoffee pie, pineapple pie and carrot cake. (But aren’t they objects of BEAUTY?!) Last Saturday, my family travelled from Australia and across New Zealand to celebrate my little love turning 1, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better evening. We ate, we sang and my wee munchkin was spoiled to bits with cuddles and presents. I’m still smiling from it! Untitled

Happy Birthday, beautiful!

x Crossing My Fingers & Toes – I’m waiting on some news at the moment (come on, phone; RING!), and the anticipation is making me giddy. Will it happen? Won’t it happen? What will happen?! My fingers and toes are staying crossed until I find out!

x Delving Back Into Semester Two Of University – Last term kicked my butt and expanded my brain, and who would’ve thought? I’m stoked to be back at it again!

x O’Keefe Music Foundation’s Rendition Of Tool’s Sober The sentence “kids covering Tool” is enough to make anyone nervous, but when Maddy recommended this video, I knew it would be worth a peek. I’ve listened to it four times alone today (sorry, neighbours); really, it is SOMETHING ELSE!

Happy Friday to you! How are you spending it?! What excitement’s on the cards for the next two days? I’ll be living the wild life (HEH) tonight, nose buried in assignments, but I’m looking forward to making the most of tomorrow and Sunday!


Pleenq: The Latest Brilliant Blogging Tool ♥


courtneyWhere confessing to dabbling in online media was once an admission that earned you some serious side-eye (can you remember trying to explain what blogging was to your family a few years ago?! Oh, the skepticism. The AWKWARD SILENCES!), these days, owning a Facebook business page, domain name, website and Twitter account – and profiting from them – is increasingly becoming the norm. Pleenq have recognised this, and upped the ante for internet influencers by introducing a game-changing new tool that’s making digital monetisation easier than ever.

Imagine (particularly if you’re, say, a fashion blogger!) being able to post a snapshot of an outfit that contained links to where to purchase each item from, and receiving a commission on every sold product? Similarly, what would happen if a Pinterest user with a large following – who previously might have shared photographs for free – suddenly implemented this technology? Pleenq is an application that allows people to tag an item in any image and link it to where it can be bought, and when a sale is completed, the person who linked to it gets paid. (Revolutionary, huh?!)


How an image appears when a mouse hovers over it once it’s been Pleenq-ed. (I picked purple, but once it’s downloaded, you can choose any colour that you fancy!)

For more information – and to give it a whirl yourself! – pop on over to Pleenq.


‘Pleenq: The Latest Brilliant Blogging Tool’ was sponsored by the clever innovators at Pleenq.

Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To… Visit A Student Hair Salon?! ♥

studenthairsalonWinners People who pay $5 for their haircuts are grinners!

With my last hair appointment costing almost as much as a jaunt to The Bahamas (well, at $280, it was darn well close enough!), I was in no rush to return to the stylist’s chair, but then when an advertisement for Waiariki Institute Of Technology’s Student Hair Salon appeared in my Facebook news feed, I could barely pick up my phone to book in fast enough. $5 for conditioning treatments?! $15 for a colour and a cut?! What WAS this sorcery, I wondered (a beauty mirage?!), and how quickly could I arrange someone to tidy my mangled tresses?!

It was no myth. At Waiariki (and many other education facilities), enthusiastic apprentices will gladly snip, dye, style and apply foil to your locks in exchange for a paltry amount of cash to build up their experience and practice for their assessments, and if they’re anything like Melissa, the friendly second year pupil that tended to my mop today, you’ll be questioning why you hadn’t tried them sooner! (Honestly, the pennies that I could have saved over the past decade!)
Waiariki Institute Of Technology's Student Hair Salon

The premises were completely professional, too!

A session at a student hair salon isn’t too dissimilar to that of somewhere high-end; I still received a wash, head massage, blow-dry and care advice (and a good ol’ gossip!) as part of my service, the only difference was that I strolled out paying $5 (yes, $5), and not a minimum of $50!

Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Visit… A Student Hair Salon?! ♥Before… (It had clearly been a while!) Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Visit… A Student Hair Salon?! ♥

… and after!

I couldn’t have been anymore pleased with the results. Where’s your nearest training college, and how much could you reduce your personal maintenance bill by attending one? (And which budding scholar could you help while you’re at it?!)


Getting Back Into The Dating Game ♥

gettingbackintothedatinggameIt’s slipped in slowly, gently, before becoming more frenzied and forceful. Inevitable as a hangover after an evening of Long Island Teas (the very tipple of choice that had lead us to this moment), our eyes lock together, and as my lips begin to tremble, I just KNOW what’s coming next…

The relationship advice from my girlfriends. (Ha, what did you think we were talking about?!)

Have I toyed with downloading Tinder? Not to worry! There’s been ASTRONOMICAL developments in online courtship. Has anyone introduced me to ____’s friend Alberto…? What?! But… he’s Italian! (“Won’t you think of the trips to Sicily to meet his family, Corrine?!”) Ugh. Fine. Then it’s fortunate that I own a broom, isn’t it? Why? Because with my (romance-resistant) attitude, I’m certainly going to be needing one to sweep away the cobwebs, aren’t I?! (And while I’m at it, would I like a lift to the SPCA tomorrow? Since I’m approaching 30 and am still unmarried, the only course of recommendation can be to *insert your best, booming Oprah Winfrey voice here* bring in the CATS!) 

gettingbackintothedatinggame2When you’ve been a long-term resident of Single Town (my two year anniversary with, uh, myself will be in November. Fiddle-dee-dee!), your intentions to surrender your eviction notice to bachelorism becomes a popular (and persistent) topic of conversation. And although I’m not seeking to cancel my lease there just yet, should Channing Tatum decide to return my calls (teehee), my friends and I have been gas-bagging about some next-step essentials.

While we were all in agreement about the importance of a fabulous frock (or any outfit that makes you feel outstanding when meeting a potential Mr.), our views  – and preferences – regarding contraception were as varied as our hairstyles. What you use to make sexy times safe is a personal choice, but most of us were unanimous in believing that slinging some Durex into our purses was imperative when navigating somebody new. (“The only thing worse than an awful guy is an STI!” became the motto of our discussion!)

What advice would you impart to someone returning to the world of first encounters, textathons and flirting? The name of a sensual perfume? (Ooh-er!) Restaurant recommendations? How not to reply to an e-mail?! Show us the way!


‘Getting Back Into The Dating Game’ was created in conjuction with the team at Durex Australia. Thanks, folks!

20 Things I’m Doing In My Late 20’s (That I *Definitely* Didn’t Do In My Early 20’s!) (Part One) ♥

Once upon a time (*cough* as recently as last year *cough*) I thought I was being virtuous if I remembered to remove my make-up before slumbering, and if I managed to gobble something other than a pie for breakfast? Why, I’d practically be applying for knighthood! But with my 28th birthday ambling towards me (oh, time. How you fly!), I’ve realised that it’s probably a grand opportunity to break up with some not-so-neat behaviours, and implement ones that don’t make me blush (I’m sorry, A.M. spinach and ricotta savouries. It was good while it lasted!). Like…

Waiting 24 Hours Before “Reacting”

Can you imagine how many silly stresses, unnecessary dramas and gut-wrenching conflicts we’d avoid if we DIDN’T immediately press ‘send’, or morph into stark-raving lunatics at the first sniff of a disagreement? I can, and what I’m picturing looks wonderful! While I don’t generally believe in regrets, I could rattle off a slew of situations that could have been handled differently better if I’d waited a day before responding (and not like a complete pork chop). Late 20’s Corrine is learning from the mistakes of Early 20’s Corrine!

Developing A Skincare Routine

In exchange for the “wisdom” we inherit through ageing, we slowly receive all manners of lines, creases and wrinkles (delightful, huh?!), and while I’m not too frazzled about the crinkles that are forming around my eyes when I grin, I figure I should probably introduce a moisturiser into my routine sooner rather than later. (Or, you know. Actually develop a skincare routine in the first place!)

Contributing To My Superannuation

Voluntarily, and NOT just when it’s mandatory!

Completing A Road Trip


Incorporating More Vegetables Into My Meals

For a vegetarian I devour an absurd amount of (non-vegetable) starches. Would it be so difficult to add the odd scoop of spinach to my pastas, or steamed carrots alongside my rice? Nah. (And my body would thank me!)

Worrying Less

Within the same seven days my laptop broke, an (inexpensive, but valuable) item was stolen and I had to cradle a carsick infant (and wear the contents of her illness) on a bus from Whakatane to Rotorua. Where I once would’ve had a meltdown, I now remind myself to inhale, exhale and remember that everything’s – somehow! – going to be alright.

Doing Selfless Deeds Without The Expectation Of Reciprocation

As I creep closer to 30, I’d love to send more surprise groceries/packages/letters to my friends, families and neighbours. Not because it’s their birthday, and not because it’d be swell to receive something in return, but because if I have the ability to make their day, I absolutely want to. Happiness all around!

Familiarising Myself With A Needle & Thread

Let us not speak of the wasteful girl (ahem) who used to THROW CLOTHING OUT because she didn’t have the foggiest idea about hemming, but of the one who’s going to sit down, YouTube tutorial on, and familiarise herself with the basics of sewing. (That’s a promise!)

What would you like to do more (or less!) of in your next decade of living? People pleasing? Vest wearing?! As I put together Part Two, I’d love to know!


Being A Blogger Then, Now & Tomorrow ♥

If you’re needing a boot up the blogging backside (don’t we all!), look no further than #NZBloggers’ ‘Blog Greatness’, a weekly prompt for bloggers to use to get inspired, encouraged and most of all… posting! Today’s topic? ‘Contrast’. Here’s my interpretation of their idea!

bloggingthenbloggingnowtomorrowAs a 19 year-old blogger with few financial responsibilities and even fewer ideas about savings, I’d eagerly empty my purse in the name of “research”. I’d skip home from the shops, bags bulging, and review product after product with glee. Fancy-pants serums! Scrubs! Lash-lengthening mascaras, and the shiniest-of-shiny lip glosses! No purchase was unnecessary (or so I reasoned), because everything could be justified as a “content opportunity”.

“But didn’t you buy a handbag LAST week…?” My then-boyfriend would probe, as I’d swing some new satchel around the living room. “Yes, but that was for THAT outfit post,” I’d wheedle, as he eyed me with the same comprehension that a mouse might have for a ukelele. “This one’s for another!” It couldn’t be ANYMORE contrasting to my digital (and spending) endeavours today. Now, at 27, with a baby, a mortgage and a university student-sized budget, it’s groundbreaking if I buy more than one cosmetic a month, so I try to tap about experiences rather than the latest and greatest aesthetic offerings.

Thinking about how disparate my time as a blogger is now compared with then has me ruminating about tomorrow, and questioning how the entire blogging landscape itself will evolve. Will we still see ‘What I Wore’-style posts in another decade? With the various scandals surrounding bloggers such as Belle Gibson (and the growth of other e-“experts”), will online writers of certain niches eventually be required to obtain formal qualifications? Will it still feel appropriate to call myself ‘Frock And Roll’ when I’m 80 and clutching a walking frame?! What does the future hold, and how has being a blogger changed for you?


Soaked In Bleach: The Death Of Kurt Cobain ♥

Soaked in bleach Kurt Cobain

The documentary Soaked In Bleach isn’t another Kurt & Courtney-style speculative entertaining the possibility of “what if…?” Centred around the findings of Tom Grant, the private investigator hired by Courtney Love in the week prior to Kurt Cobain’s death, Soaked In Bleach presents evidence, expert opinions and real-life recordings of conversations that transpired between himself and several of those closest to Kurt (including Courtney) to produce a picture that’s as compelling as it is unsettling. Despite the Seattle Police Department’s official ruling, Soaked In Bleach concludes that the fatality of Nirvana’s frontman cannot be attributed to suicide, but murder.

“It’s not very often that a private investigator goes against their client, so I’m sure she regrets hiring me,” Tom intones, as his early meetings with Courtney are replicated through a series of slightly cringe-worthy reenactments. She claims that her husband, who she suspects may be having an affair, is “missing”. Her attempts to contact him at a rehabilitation facility have been unsuccessful, so following his exit, she cancels his credit card to restrict his movement. After being instructed to trace the card’s transactions, Tom becomes confused. Isn’t this something that the bank would handle? When the conversation is then redirected to Courtney’s concerns that her spouse is suicidal, Tom becomes more puzzled, and after a series of what he labels “other red flags”, commits to documenting every encounter with his client. It was this decision that made Soaked In Bleach – the silver screen debut of Tom’s information – possible.

kurt and courtney

Most of the population would be familiar with what happened shortly after. Kurt Cobain, one of the world’s most prolific rockstars, was found dead in his Seattle home. Catastrophe often inspires conspiracy theory, but Soaked In Bleach corroborates its convictions with fact:

  • Tom, in his capacity as a private investigator, was ordered to arrange surveillance at multiple locations, except the home where Kurt was found.
  • What was described as a “suicide note” was discovered at the scene, but Linguistics professionals have since confirmed that the letter was authored by more than one hand.
  • Rosemary Carroll, Kurt and Courtney’s then-entertainment lawyer, and the godmother of their child, Frances Cobain, can be heard via audio worriedly mentioning to Tom that Courtney had accidentally left a backpack in her office, which contained a “practice sheet” of Kurt’s handwriting.
  • The beyond-comprehensible amount of heroin in Kurt’s system – according to science – would have rendered him immediately incapacitated, and therefore, incapable of operating a gun.
  • Kurt was leaving Courtney. He had informed their lawyer that he was divorcing her, and sought advice to have her removed from his will. Their prenuptial agreement ensured that she would only receive a small portion of remuneration following separation.
  • Kurt’s body was cremated within six days, but the fingerprints on the weapon weren’t examined until almost a month later, before it was handed to Courtney to have melted down.

These are just a few of the realities of the case that Soaked In Bleach examines. It doesn’t delve into some of the equally unnerving events that followed, such as the demise of the medical examiner – and Courtney’s long-term friend – that was the first person to declare Kurt’s ending a “suicide”, the passing of Courtney’s bass player, Kristen, who was believed to be involved with Kurt, and was soon after also pronounced dead by suicide, and the casualty of Eldon “El Duche” Hoke, who appeared on train tracks two evenings after giving an interview to the BBC where he claimed that Courtney had offered him $50,000 in exchange for setting up her husband’s obliteration. With little physical proof remaining from that fateful day in April 1994, it would be challenging to re-open and review the case, but in light of Tom’s developments, it’s difficult to refute that the Seattle Police Department have a responsibility to.

Soaked In Bleach is a film that evokes many emotions, and even more questions. Will we ever know the truth? How could the cessation of anyone’s – let alone a public figure’s – life have been responded to with such ineptitude? If you’re yet to watch it, it can be viewed here.


Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s the weekend, and our favourite things (creamy caramel hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows? Can openers?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

x Furniture, Progress And Thinking About How Far We’ve Come –  When little Charlie and I arrived in Whakatane at the end of February, we did so with a carry-on bag jam-packed with clothing, a cheese grater (priorities, right?!) and an internet modem (again, priorities!)That was it. Fast forward a few months and we now have a washing machine, a fridge, two sets of bedside drawers, I had THAT BED couriered up from Blenheim and most recently… I purchased a couch! There’s a trillion more things that we need but really, progress-wise, it’s not too shabby, is it?! And on that note…

x Finding The Perfect Household Pieces – Like this $17 print, which I couldn’t adore any more. Good vibes only? ALL THE WAY!

x Having Phenomenally Kind Neighbours – (Because stellar or not-so stellar next-door companions can totally make or break a situation, can’t they?) My neighbours are the sort of folks who grow their own vegetables and knock on everyone else’s door nearby with spares, turn up with a Mother’s Day present because “Charlie’s too small to go out to the shops and buy you one herself, so…” and invite you to join them on their porch for a mug of tea. In short, they are LEGENDARY, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have them close by. And finally…

x Big Smiles  Is this the prettiest of photographs? No! (The joys of having braces!) Is it the finest quality? 110% not! But it’s us, happy, silly and being the best of friends, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from this world. (Except for maybe a piece of cake… wouldn’t that be swell right now?!)

How was your week? I hope you’re having an extraordinary one!