Style Icons: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Style ♥

styleiconsamericanhorrorstorycovenstyleChic, charismatic and black, black, black, the characters of American Horror Story: Coven – and their clothes! – will have you dancing around your living room to Stevie Nicks and procuring a wide-brimmed onyx hat before you can chant “supreme”!

americanhorrorstorycovenstyle5Inspired by the history of witchcraft in America, American Horror Story: Coven tells the tale of four modern day magicians, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), Madison (Emma Roberts), Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe). Over 300 years have passed since the turbulent days of the Salem witch trials, and to prevent them from facing further extinction, young sorcerers are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. It can be gruesome (I initially couldn’t persevere past the opening episode; I’m glad I did!), but it’s riveting, and the fashion is spellbinding! 
nanbrewercovenstyleI also appreciate its diversity in casting. When did we last have not only a proud plus-sized woman in a prominent television role, but an actress with a visible disability? (It shouldn’t be groundbreaking… but it is!)

Dark and detailed: Zoe and Madison add interest to their ebony ensembles with frills, splits and accessories in varying textures.

americanhorrorstorycovenstyle7If I could only sport one outfit for the rest of eternity, I’m quite certain it’d be this. Faux fur! Sparkle! A rubber duck! (Well, not quite, but I have to keep you on your toes, don’t I?!)

fionagoodeahscovenstyleJessica Lange rules the roost as Fiona Goode in Coven, and her role ALONE makes the show worthy of a watch. (“You know, I’ve never understood you bible thumpers and your hypocrisy towards sex. I know behind closed doors you are the biggest perverts of all.”)

americanhorrorstorycovenstylequeenieCan anyone rock a pair of studded sneakers the way Queenie can?
styleiconsahscovenstyleIt’s no coincidence that I’ve started coveting knee-high socks, layered necklaces and turban-style headbands!
americanhorrorstorycovenstyle2 kayleeamericanhorrorstorycoven

‘How To Handle Rejection’, American Horror Story: Coven style!

americanhorrorstorycovenstyle3 madisonmontgomerycovenfashion
americanhorrorstorycovenstyle4 mistydayamericanhorrorstorycoven

If only there was a potion to inherit all of their wardrobes. Sigh.

Have you seen American Horror Story: Coven? Which conjurer was your favourite?


The Only Things You’ll Regret In Life Are The Risks You Didn’t Take ♥

Corrine And Charlotte Lynskey

After eons (what can I say? I’m a faithful lass!) of sporting darker-than-dark locks (as pictured above), I’ve dipped my toes into the beauty pool of hair highlights, and what a rejuvenating rollick it’s been!

I’m a fan of taking chances (sometimes to my detriment; I will rarely speak “no”!), but I’m often guarded when it comes to my appearance. But why?! The only things you’ll regret in life are the risks you didn’t take, so why not mix it up regularly? An outward adjustment is rarely irreversible!

Untitled Untitled

Just call me Goldilocks! (Or “creepy eyes”. Whatever works!) Untitled

Here’s to, from here onwards, trialling various hues! (At my next sojourn to Synergy, I’d like to go blonder. And then maybe red?!) When did you last dabble with your mop? What could you do?


Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday (well, today it’s Sunday. Oops!) we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (skater skirts? Bottle caps?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!
bootsthankfrockitsfridayx The Staff At Synergy Hair, St. Lukes, Auckland - The most challenging aspect of single parenting is that you’re never, ever alone, and while this ordinarily isn’t problematic (I’m infatuated with my girl!), attending appointments is stressful. Visiting the dentist becomes an exercise in prayer as you hope that your tot will patiently wait (and to Charlie’s credit, she did once sit through an hour-long teeth cleaning with minimal fuss!), arriving at a salon for a beauty treatment becomes an apologetic affair as you feel obligated to excuse your infant being present, and having your hair cut becomes an inconceivable notion, because, well… what about the baby?!

But, not wanting to resemble Cousin It, I scheduled a session with the team at Synergy Hair, St Lukes and before long, Charlie was SCREAMING. Hungry (I’d tried to feed her beforehand, but to no avail!), needing to be changed and thoroughly displeased with being contained to her stroller, she sobbed, I fretted and the other customers glared. (It was definitely a Samantha Jones “I’m sick of people with children. They’re everywhere!” occasion!)
The staff were saints, though, allowing me to use their cupboard as a change room, heating Charlie’s bottle and taking turns to shower her with cuddles to cheer her up, and bringing this moments-away-from-a-meltdown mother a glass of cold water and phone charger. I thanked them all thousands of times, but I’m going to again: THANK-YOU, Synergy Hair! You’re angels!


Blurry-as-can-be photography (sorry about the lack of make-up) because I was bouncing a howling child on my lap!

x Having My First Night Out In… Over A Year?! - I (now) live remarkably conservatively; I don’t drink, smoke and every evening is occupied with reading my daughter bed time stories and bathing her, so when the opportunity to let loose on Friday arose, I did! I drank too much, did too much and partied into the early hours for the first time in over a year. NO REGRETS!
Auckland City Library

x Auckland City Library - Check it out! As well as being GIGANTIC and equipped with an admirable array of resources, I jumped off the escalator (yes, escalator! Because that’s how modern this library is) at level one and was met with the display above. Well-played, ACL. You know just the way to this fool’s heart, don’t you?!

x Other Little Things - Surviving leaving Charlie for the evening after becoming tearful (sad, but true!) at the prospect for weeks; text messages which read “I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU! By the way, trying our rum punch is compulsory”; rocking thigh-high suede boots and being unsure if I’ll be confused with Julia Roberts, circa Pretty Woman (I wasn’t, and they’re divine); analysing a situation with a friend and having him screw his nose up and say “hmmm, I don’t know… “never feast with those who didn’t starve with you” might apply here”; “what’s your name?” “Joey.” “I should know…”; old-school Alice In Chains; re-watching Underbelly: The Golden Mile when I’m homesick; my former colleague Jamie, who, without fail, will arrange a catch-up whenever he’s in Auckland for business (loyalty is underrated!); having coffee with Lena today (she’s lovely); warmer weather (FINALLY, Auckland!); witnessing an extraordinarily determined and stubborn Charlie trying to crawl; N.E.R.D’s Time For Some Action; and watching the Sky Tower adopt Christmas colours during the month of December. Isn’t that special?! I love this city!

These past seven days were the most interesting ones I’ve had in what seems like forever. How were yours? How are you?! Reveal something terrific about your week!


The Digital Detox: 48 Hours Without The Internet ♥

thedigitaldetox*deep breath*

Hi! My name’s Corrine, and I’m an internet-o-holic. It’s trumpeted that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, and that the next is quitting, so after being inspired by Vanessa’s account of her digital detox, I enforced my own. For 48 hours.

Now, before anyone snickers “pft, a two day social media sabbatical… somebody get the violin out, this story’s making me weep!”, think about it: how often do you use the internet in a day?

My phone is always at my side, and it’s often vibrating. “Someone sent you a Direct Message on Twitter.” ” ___ posted on your timeline.” It’s my fault, I’m the nitwit who has their notifications switched on, but I enjoy being in constant contact with my loved ones.

No relationship is flawless though, and my courtship with the wired world is no different. It ignites insecurity. One female friend admitted “I’ve asked my husband “who’s that Carrie chick that you’re talking to on Twitter, and why?” before.” Another confessed “that’s why ___ and I have a joint Facebook account; so there’s no trust issues.” And it’s not isolated to women; Richard, Charlotte’s father, rang me one afternoon while I was overseas, furiously demanding to know why “some random” was draped over me in photographs. Mystified as to who he was referring to, he then sent me one of the images. Oh. THAT. From six years ago. He’d been sifting through my snapshots online, and neglected to observe the date.

But it didn’t stop there. “Why do you still have photos of your ex-boyfriend on Facebook? Delete them.” He’d thunder. (I’d forgotten they were there.) “Why do you keep ‘like’-ing photos of tractors? It’s weird.” (It was a friend’s excavation company and I was trying to support them.) “Who’s this guy that ‘liked’ your status?” “Why is this dude still on your friends list if he’s “just someone you worked with once”?” The interrogation never ended, but the relationship eventually did.

The digital day and age has added TREMENDOUS pressure to dating. Once upon a time we’d meet a prospective partner and love and learn about each other organically, but with the proliferation of social networking websites, we now have immediate access to our potential spouse’s every thought. It’s said that knowledge is power (in fact, I echoed that exact sentiment the other day), but at what point are we in possession of TOO MUCH knowledge? Whatever happened to finding that out that her favourite film is Finding Nemo or that he collects vintage cars the old-fashioned way, over dinner or a coffee?

The Good

So what were the positives that came from my 48 hour digital detox? For starters, I felt infinitely calmer without a steady stream of (everyone else’s) thoughts in front of my eyeballs. My apartment mysteriously became cleaner (funny that!), and I read a book. I sat still (it was delightful) and felt complete clarity… and realised a few sorely needed truths. I took in the sights of a train ride – the way we all used to! – instead of clutching my phone and refreshing Twitter.

The Bad

I did feel lonely occasionally. As antisocial as cradling a device is, the reality is that when we’re doing so, we’re usually communicating with friends, and I missed the conversation of mine. Where were they? What were they doing? How could I cope without hearing about my best pal’s day? THE ANGUISH!

The Ugly

Sorry! Couldn’t resist. (Does anyone else remember Abe’s Odyssey?!)

It was an eye-opening challenge. While the internet is revolutionary (and this may be sacrilegious for me to affirm as a blogger), to be honest, I’m a tad fearful for the next generation. What will become of our technology addicted society? Will we ultimately be born with iPhones?! Cyberspace is a glorious place, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what’s outside…


Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday (well, today it’s Sunday. Oops!) we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (spring rolls from your local Chinese takeaway? Fly spray?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!
makingabiglifechangeisprettyscaryx Watching New Beginnings Unfurl – There’s a saying that if you’re craving change, CHANGE, and shaking up my sphere’s precisely what’s on my agenda (but, then again, when isn’t it?!) right now! (And as zany as it sounds, I can sense it taking shape!) Have you ever felt that? As though you’re on the brink of something? Or around the corner from a tremendous shift?! GIDDY TIMES!

On a small scale, the first stages of my braces are being inserted on Wednesday. Then there’s an appointment to muck around with my hair on Thursday. (And I’m imagining BOLD; golden highlights? Going full-blown blonde?!) On a broader scale, I’m contemplating Charlie’s development (looking to putting her in childcare), and re-exploring my own (embarking on a law degree? Returning to my Media and Communications roots? Studying audio production for the fun factor? ALL THREE?!) Decision-making is daunting when you’re enamoured with everything, but ultimately, you only need to make ONE choice to take a chance…

x The Perfection That Is Toto’s Pizza - My sister and I dined at Toto’s yesterday and even after hearing the hype (of which there is plenty!), we were both still taken back by their pizza’s tastiness. We split a number decorated in truffle oil, champignon mushrooms, baby spinach, mozzarella, pine nuts, parmesan and cream and thud, thud, THUD. There goes my insides pounding with glee again at the memory of THIS half a metre of miraculousness!

x Focusing On What Matters - I’m guilty of being an over-analytical sasquatch (my friends and family: “REALLY?!”), and occasionally need a heart-to-heart with my father to remember what’s of substance and what’s… senseless.

“Corrine, big world out there,” he loves to remind me. “Don’t fixate on insignificant parts of it.”

As a teenager, I could never understand why, when we exchanged views on EVERYTHING, he’d never have the patience for relationship talks. Didn’t he care?! More than I knew, actually; his philosophy was just more simple than mine. Either a partner respected and appreciated his daughters, or they didn’t, and therefore weren’t worth the debate. (And this is why I sneakily order groceries to be delivered to his address…!)

x Other Little Things – Bopping along to a violinist playing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off on Queen Street (my sister: “wow, you KNOW THAT SONG?!”); my sister in general; listening to Brian “Head” Welch describe his obstacles (“every negative experience in life is adding a new dimension to your character. A deeper level”. He’s a wise one!); joining Auckland City Library and the beauty of becoming engrossed in a book; Red’s Death Of Me (THAT CHORUS!); iridescent eyes; long, hot showers (I’m extremely energy-conscious in every area of my existence except this one!); singing to Charlie, who’s thankfully too tiny to comprehend how horrendous it sounds; and… that it’s the first of December tomorrow!

I’m ducking out to attend a Christmas parade (it still makes me shake my head when I think about the activities that have become the “norm” for me as a mother!). May your weekend be every ounce as enthralling as spying a series of Santa-themed floats, bands and balloons will be to Charlie!


If You Knew Me… ♥

You’d know…

As a youngster, my teachers would sit me next to the Asian children in class, assuming that if I wasn’t near my friends, I wouldn’t talk. WRONG! I’d end up becoming BFFS with them! Irritated, my desk and I would then be forced outside into the corridor. And then I’d gossip with anyone passing by! (The janitor and I once had a TERRIFIC yarn about guitars.) 

I met Charlotte’s father in a small bar in Blenheim, New Zealand, where my father had brought me to buy cheer-you-up bourbons (I was visiting Blenheim from Sydney because my grandmother lived there and sadly, was very ill). I told him not to add me on Facebook because I’d be returning to Australia, thought he was ADORABLE and didn’t want to feel pangs of sadness/stabs of envy every time I saw photographs of him and other women, haha. (I’m so cool! Not.) He refused, messaging me over Facebook the following day that he was taking me to dinner that night, and then offered to purchase me a ticket from Sydney to the Gold Coast, where, coincidentally, he’d be holidaying the next week. I declined… and then paid for my own flight. What a psycho! What if HE’D been a psycho?! I don’t know what I was thinking! We fell completely in love, though, and eventually I moved to Blenheim. It was a mostly awful experience (what, you’re not surprised?!), but… I now have my cheeky, crazy, chatty (don’t know where she inherited any of those qualities from!) Charlie. And she’s the yin to my yang.

I can’t whistle, ride a bicycle (the embarrassment!) or see this without cackling:
I’m OBSESSED with music (I have everything from Beethoven to The Spice Girls on regular rotation on my iTunes, though rock and heavy metal are my favourites!) and although I always wanted to be a writer, yearned to become a band manager. “You couldn’t do it,” my then-boyfriend insisted. “You’re not a bitch, Corrine. And you’d need to be to manage rockstars.” Shrugging off his advice, I attended an enrolment day for The JMC Academy, where a blunt professor of the college told me “consider studying something else. It’s an impossible business to break into, and there are almost no jobs.” POOF! Did you hear that sound?! That was the sound of my bubble being bursted!

I used to think Gwen Stefani was purring “take this big woman off my eyes” in the opening of Just A Girl. She’s not, by the way.

My idol is Brian “Head” Welch. Hilarious, down-to-earth-as-they-come (apparently!) and unabashedly honest, he’s also a highly skilled musician in not one, but TWO bands. How is it even possible to be that accomplished?! He has butt-length dreadlocks, head-to-toe tattoos and wears more eyeliner than I do, but he’s a genius. He’s also a sober single father. FIST BUMP!

My first job was as a sausage turner. Yes, that’s a thing! Every Saturday, as a just-turned-fourteen year-old (I was too young to be hired anywhere else), I’d spend two hours barbecuing sausages outside a butcher’s shop. I’m a vegetarian!

Pregnancy taught me that our bodies know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and that they’re magical. It astonished me when, seemingly overnight, I couldn’t tolerate alcohol or caffeine. It was my body’s way of trying to communicate (what were we saying last Monday about rejection being protection?!) that I was housing a baby! While I was growing her, I developed this odd habit where I couldn’t sleep, anywhere, unless my head was at the foot of the bed. Upside down. I later learned that meanwhile, inside my stomach, she was doing the same. Charlie was breeched.

Gratitude to Natalie for this idea! What would your nearest and dearest know about you?


Social Media Safety ♥

(If medals were being handed out for dull blog post titles, no doubt I’d receive twenty for THIS doozy!)  

Have you ever (arrogantly assuming that you have one) typed your domain name into Because I suspect that the restaurant owner that exposed Cher’s identity did. In fact, thanks to a suggestion from Julie, I tried it myself, and WHOOOMP! There it was. Cher’s full name, address and phone number. I felt sick. (Full disclosure: Cher and I are friends online. I’ve never met her in person!) How would she react once I told her? Would she view ME as an enormous ball of slime for knowing them? Panic!

Ignoring my mental image of her barricading her house out of terror that I’d turn up on her doorstep, I nervously messaged her (I think my opening was “alright so I feel like the creepiest creeper ever BUT…”), and she was STUNNED. Wasn’t that a breach of privacy? Was that… legal?! 100%. You see, when you register a domain name, you’re required (by law) to supply your personal details, and unless you cough up the pennies to keep them private (and rumour has it that few people do), they’re available for public consumption.

The revelation inspired Cher (who’s blog post on the restaurant is still live, and to my knowledge – thankfully! – hasn’t heard another word from the owner) and I to have a gab about social media safety, and this is what we covered!

Purchase Domain Privacy

Unless you have a PO box or no qualms about your contact information being accessible (did you enter your domain name into What came up?), consider forking out the dollars for domain privacy.

Avoid Accidentally Sharing Sensitive Information

As Network World shares, you wouldn’t put a note on your front door stating, “away for the weekend, returning on Monday!”, so MAYBE it’d be a a wise move to appraise what you’re telling Twitter(A struggle, certainly! I tend to live tweet my mind’s musings and need to remind myself on a frequent basis that no-one gives a toss about what I’m doing/thinking/eating.) I don’t smoke anymore (and am now one of THOSE annoying reformed smokers!), but when I did I’d whined one evening about running out of cigarettes. My mother saw, and was not happy. She didn’t even have an account, but she didn’t need to to keep tabs on her daughter! (Whoops.)

Reveal Your Location… Once You’ve Left

You’re at the beach! Or that luscious little sushi restaurant! AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW! No-one could blame you for wanting to rave about an exquisite meal you’re having, but perhaps you could do so once you’ve actually left the restaurant and are tucked up safely at home. It occurred to me as I traipsed through a park with Charlie the other morning that I didn’t need to immediately tag where I was on social media. As I’ve said, no-one gives a toss about what I’m doing/thinking/eating, but if they did, how simple was I making it for a potential stalker? The park was deserted, and here I was freely announcing where my baby and I were? Smooth!

Turn Off Your Geo Maps At Your Apartment/House/Abode Of Choice

And speaking of locations… man, those smart phones are SMART, aren’t they?! Within seconds they can determine where you are! I almost had a heart attack when I noticed my Instagram account was automatically showing my exact address every time I updated it, which is why I now switch off my geo maps when I’m home.

Remembering that what you press ‘publish’ on is permanent and adjusting your entries accordingly? NOT drunk tweeting?! What’s your best social media safety tip, and have you ever had a scare?


Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (lash lengthening mascaras? Clothes pegs?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

Sheesh, it’s Friday ALREADY?! Far out! And here I’d had every intention of producing a post each day. You know, an update on Cher, a conversation about judgement, snapshots of my DREAM destinations (and learning about yours!)… and then Monday suddenly became Friday and here we are.

How was your week?! If someone would like to play The Wedding March, I feel like I should introduce  you to… THE ONE. Guys, I’ve found him (or it!), so call off the (imaginary) search for my future husband, and meet… GIAPO!

An ice cream, sorbet and gelato eatery located on Auckland’s Queen Street, this boutique of brilliance isn’t just creating tantalising iced confections, they’re releasing WORKS OF ART.

Can you see what is happening here?! That is a BLOW TORCH. Roasting marshmallow. That will adorn your ice cream of choice (or, if you’re anything like me, your TWO flavours, because who could stop at one?!) alongside gold-dipped hazelnuts (for real!).


And have I told you that it was served in an EDIBLE CHOCOLATE CUP dripping in crushed pistachios and cherries?! Oh. Forgive me! (Love makes me loopy!) It was Wendy who introduced Natasha and I to its splendour, and I’ll be bowing before her eternally because of it. No if’s or but’s; if you’re ever in Auckland, you MUST dine here!

Frozen fabulousness aside, the owners, Gianpaolo and Annarosa Grazioli, deserve a serious nod of respect, too. They’re genuine (the sort of engaging people who, whilst talking to you, make you forget that there’s anyone else in the room), hard-working, passionate and… caring. While the three of us were sitting there, a gentleman at another table dropped his napkin to the floor, and even though he was mid-sentence (and employs an army of staff), Gianpaolo rushed to retrieve another one for him. Did he have to? No. You could just tell, that even after seven wildly successful years in the game, he still truly appreciated each customer. Gianpaolo and Annarosa are good people.

x Other Little Things - Realising that I probably sound like a maniacal tough nut when describing my dating standards (and not caring because I’d rather be single than unhappy!); Chris Cornell’s Screamresembling the laughing emoji every day because WOO! Life has been ludicrous and funny and I just want to whack out every detail on my keyboard and TELL YOU ALREADY but can’t (… yet!); Charlie’s little giggle and cuddling her tightly; a box full of beauty products to fiddle with; text messages which say “I’M COMING TO SEE YOU!”; having billions of thoughts (truthfully, I’m sure I could use a spoonful of CALM every now and then but pft, who wants that?!); and my friends. How my heart beats for them!

What’s putting a huge grin on YOUR chin at the moment?!


A Thought For The Day… Is Rejection Protection? ♥


We sigh when our job applications are “unsuccessful”. Mope when a relationship disintegrates. FUME when somebody cuts us off in traffic, we miss our bus by a second or are unexpectedly running late. But what if, from behind the scenes, every stop we come up against is actually a save? Is rejection protection? What if that’s all it ever was?


Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday (well, today it’s Sunday. Oops!) we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (wide-brimmed hats? Dented picture frames?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!
girlwearinghatx Registering For New Zealand Twitter Secret Santa - You’re familiar with the ‘Secret Santa‘ game, right? The Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift? Right!

Here in New Zealand, some nifty maverick‘s developed ‘Secret Santa’ on a broader scale, specifically for Twitter users, and it’s been a HIT. According to players from previous years, anything from iPads to boxes of gingerbread men, books and cosmetics have been gifted (companies are allowed to donate to the project without receiving anything in return, and impressively, many of them do!), and both shopping for your recipient AND unwrapping your gift is reputed to be a thrill. If you’re based in New Zealand, have you signed up?! I have, and I’m ecstatic about playing! (Wouldn’t it be gratifying if you managed to score someone who otherwise might not have received any presents? I’d adore that!)
Auckland new zealand

x Stepping Up My Fitness - I’ve done sit-ups, squats (WHO AM I?!) and have busted out of the apartment each day to complete an epic stroll with Charlie. It feels foreign… but fantastic! (And with views as divine as those, who would be able to resist basking in the clean Auckland air?!)

x Establishing Real-Life Connections From Online – If you’re not blogging or acquainted with Twitter, it can all sound VERY kooky, but the truth is that I’ve met so many funny, caring and wonderful people – almost everyone I know in Auckland, in fact! – through the internet. I’ve known Natasha (through our blogs) since we were both in our early twenties and she was there, in hospital with me, the day after I gave birth to Charlie! Last night I had a two hour phone conversation with another blogger! (My poor, long-suffering best friend: “What are you doing?” Me: “On the phone; chatting to someone I met through Twitter!” Him: “Nothing surprises me with you, Corrine. NOTHING!”) Next week I’m meeting Wendy Wings (with Natasha) for the first time for ice cream! Spectacular, really.

x Other Little Things - Your thoughts on this (intelligent, helpful and ‘Cher’ was ultra grateful to read them. Thank-you IMMENSELY, there’s a part two coming soon!); Natalie, who is a patient sweetheart; dramatically freaking out over ridiculous things (ha, it’d been a while, and isn’t that part of the beauty of this crazy journey?!) with my sister; Skype sessions with my mother (they transpire less frequently than a leap year, so when they do, they’re nice!); anticipating Christmas for the first time in… an eternity?!; developing a full-blown addiction to tea (is this one of the signs that I’m ageing?! Do I need an enrolment form to a retirement village when the sound of a BOILING KETTLE pleases me and I begin using words such as “pleases”?!); and Charlie’s four month milestone. I gave birth to her exactly four months ago today and her arrival into the world has been the toughest, most beautiful event of my life. She’s everything to me and I’m still scratching my head at how it all came together, but so proud. Motherhood DOES change you; but not in the ways that I expected. I haven’t become a different person; but I have wanted to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. But let’s end the mush!

What were the highlights from your Monday-Sunday? Incense? Teriyaki chicken? A thought-provoking conversation? Candle wax?! It’d be excellent to find out!