20 Things I’m Doing In My Late 20’s (That I *Definitely* Didn’t Do In My Early 20’s!) (Part One) ♥

Once upon a time (*cough* as recently as last year *cough*) I thought I was being virtuous if I remembered to remove my make-up before slumbering, and if I managed to gobble something other than a pie breakfast? Why, I’d practically be applying for knighthood! But with my 28th birthday ambling towards me (oh, time. How you fly!), I’ve realised that it’s probably a grand opportunity to break up with some not-so-neat behaviours, and implement ones that don’t make me blush (I’m sorry, A.M. spinach and ricotta savouries. It was good while it lasted!). Like…

1. Waiting 24 Hours Before “Reacting”

Can you imagine how many silly stresses, unnecessary dramas and gut-wrenching conflicts we’d avoid if we DIDN’T immediately press ‘send’, or morph into stark-raving lunatics at the first sniff of a disagreement? I can, and what I’m picturing looks wonderful! While I don’t generally believe in regrets, I could rattle off a slew of situations that could have been handled differently better if I’d waited a day before responding (and not like a complete pork chop). Late 20’s Corrine is learning from the mistakes of Early 20’s Corrine!

2. Developing A Skincare Routine

In exchange for the “wisdom” we inherit through ageing, we slowly receive all manners of lines, creases and wrinkles (delightful, huh?!), and while I’m not too frazzled about the crinkles that are forming around my eyes when I grin, I figure I should probably introduce a moisturiser into my routine sooner rather than later. (Or, you know. Actually develop a skincare routine in the first place!)

3. Contributing To My Superannuation

Voluntarily, and NOT just when it’s mandatory!

4. Completing A Road Trip


5. Incorporating More Vegetables Into My Meals

For a vegetarian I devour an absurd amount of (non-vegetable) starches. Would it be so difficult to add the odd scoop of spinach to my pastas, or steamed carrots alongside my rice? Nah. (And my body would thank me!)

6. Worrying Less

Within the same seven days my laptop broke, an (inexpensive, but valuable) item was stolen and I had to cradle a carsick infant (and wear the contents of her illness) on a bus from Whakatane to Rotorua. Where I once would’ve had a meltdown, I now remind myself to inhale, exhale and remember that everything’s – somehow! – going to be alright.

7. Doing Selfless Deeds Without The Expectation Of Reciprocation

As I creep closer to 30, I’d love to send more surprise groceries/packages/letters to my friends, families and neighbours. Not because it’s their birthday, and not because it’d be swell to receive something in return, but because if I have the ability to make their day, I absolutely want to. Happiness all around!

8. Familiarising Myself With A Needle & Thread

Let us not speak of the wasteful girl (ahem) who used to THROW CLOTHING OUT because she didn’t have the foggiest idea about hemming, but of the one who’s going to sit down, YouTube tutorial on, and familiarise herself with the basics of sewing. (That’s a promise!)

What would you like to do more (or less!) of in your next decade of living? People pleasing? Vest wearing?! As I put together Part Two, I’d love to know!


Being A Blogger Then, Now & Tomorrow ♥

If you’re needing a boot up the blogging backside (don’t we all!), look no further than #NZBloggers’ ‘Blog Greatness’, a weekly prompt for bloggers to use to get inspired, encouraged and most of all… posting! Today’s topic? ‘Contrast’. Here’s my interpretation of their idea!

bloggingthenbloggingnowtomorrowAs a 19 year-old blogger with few financial responsibilities and even fewer ideas about savings, I’d eagerly empty my purse in the name of “research”. I’d skip home from the shops, bags bulging, and review product after product with glee. Fancy-pants serums! Scrubs! Lash-lengthening mascaras, and the shiniest-of-shiny lip glosses! No purchase was unnecessary (or so I reasoned), because everything could be justified as a “content opportunity”.

“But didn’t you buy a handbag LAST week…?” My then-boyfriend would probe, as I’d swing some new satchel around the living room. “Yes, but that was for THAT outfit post,” I’d wheedle, as he eyed me with the same comprehension that a mouse might have for a ukelele. “This one’s for another!” It couldn’t be ANYMORE contrasting to my digital (and spending) endeavours today. Now, at 27, with a baby, a mortgage and a university student-sized budget, it’s groundbreaking if I buy more than one cosmetic a month, so I try to tap about experiences rather than the latest and greatest aesthetic offerings.

Thinking about how disparate my time as a blogger is now compared with then has me ruminating about tomorrow, and questioning how the entire blogging landscape itself will evolve. Will we still see ‘What I Wore’-style posts in another decade? With the various scandals surrounding bloggers such as Belle Gibson (and the growth of other e-“experts”), will online writers of certain niches eventually be required to obtain formal qualifications? Will it still feel appropriate to call myself ‘Frock And Roll’ when I’m 80 and clutching a walking frame?! What does the future hold, and how has being a blogger changed for you?


Soaked In Bleach: The Death Of Kurt Cobain ♥

Soaked in bleach Kurt Cobain

The documentary Soaked In Bleach isn’t another Kurt & Courtney-style speculative entertaining the possibility of “what if…?” Centred around the findings of Tom Grant, the private investigator hired by Courtney Love in the week prior to Kurt Cobain’s death, Soaked In Bleach presents evidence, expert opinions and real-life recordings of conversations that transpired between himself and several of those closest to Kurt (including Courtney) to produce a picture that’s as compelling as it is unsettling. Despite the Seattle Police Department’s official ruling, Soaked In Bleach concludes that the fatality of Nirvana’s frontman cannot be attributed to suicide, but murder.

“It’s not very often that a private investigator goes against their client, so I’m sure she regrets hiring me,” Tom intones, as his early meetings with Courtney are replicated through a series of slightly cringe-worthy reenactments. She claims that her husband, who she suspects may be having an affair, is “missing”. Her attempts to contact him at a rehabilitation facility have been unsuccessful, so following his exit, she cancels his credit card, to restrict his movement. After being instructed to trace the card’s transactions, Tom becomes confused. Isn’t this something that the bank would handle? When the conversation is then redirected to Courtney’s concerns that her spouse is suicidal, Tom becomes more puzzled, and after a series of what he labels “other red flags”, commits to documenting every encounter with his client. It was this decision that made Soaked In Bleach – the silver screen debut of Tom’s information – possible.

kurt and courtney

Most of the population would be familiar with what happened shortly after. Kurt Cobain, one of the world’s most prolific rockstars, was found dead in his Seattle home. Catastrophe often inspires conspiracy theory, but Soaked In Bleach corroborates its convictions with fact:

  • Tom, in his capacity as a private investigator, was ordered to arrange surveillance at multiple locations, except the home where Kurt was found.
  • What was described as a “suicide note” was discovered at the scene, but Linguistics professionals have since confirmed that the letter was authored by more than one hand.
  • Rosemary Carroll, Kurt and Courtney’s then-entertainment lawyer, and the godmother of their child, Frances Cobain, can be heard via audio worriedly mentioning to Tom that Courtney had accidentally left a backpack in her office, which contained a “practice sheet” of Kurt’s handwriting.
  • The beyond-comprehensible amount of heroin in Kurt’s system – according to science – would have rendered him immediately incapacitated, and therefore, incapable of operating a gun.
  • Kurt was leaving Courtney. He had informed their lawyer that he was divorcing her, and sought advice to have her removed from his will. Their prenuptial agreement ensured that she would only receive a small portion of remuneration following separation.
  • Kurt’s body was cremated within six days, but the fingerprints on the weapon weren’t examined until almost a month later, before it was handed to Courtney to have melted down.

These are just a few of the realities of the case that Soaked In Bleach examines. It doesn’t delve into some of the equally unnerving events that followed, such as the demise of the medical examiner – and Courtney’s long-term friend – that was the first person to declare Kurt’s ending a “suicide”, the passing of Courtney’s bass player, Kristen, who was believed to be involved with Kurt, and was soon after also pronounced dead by suicide, and the casualty of Eldon “El Duche” Hoke, who appeared on train tracks two evenings after giving an interview to the BBC where he claimed that Courtney had offered him $50,000 in exchange for setting up her husband’s obliteration. With little physical proof remaining from that fateful day in April 1994, it would be challenging to re-open and review the case, but in light of Tom’s developments, it’s difficult to refute that the Seattle Police Department have a responsibility to.

Soaked In Bleach is a film that evokes many emotions, and even more questions. Will we ever know the truth? How could the cessation of anyone’s – let alone a public figure’s – life have been responded to with such ineptitude? If you’re yet to watch it, it can be viewed here.


Thank Frock It’s The Weekend! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s the weekend, and our favourite things (creamy caramel hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows? Can openers?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

x Furniture, Progress And Thinking About How Far We’ve Come –  When little Charlie and I arrived in Whakatane at the end of February, we did so with a carry-on bag jam-packed with clothing, a cheese grater (priorities, right?!) and an internet modem (again, priorities!)That was it. Fast forward a few months and we now have a washing machine, a fridge, two sets of bedside drawers, I had THAT BED couriered up from Blenheim and most recently… I purchased a couch! There’s a trillion more things that we need but really, progress-wise, it’s not too shabby, is it?! And on that note…

x Finding The Perfect Household Pieces – Like this $17 print, which I couldn’t adore any more. Good vibes only? ALL THE WAY!

x Having Phenomenally Kind Neighbours – (Because stellar or not-so stellar next-door companions can totally make or break a situation, can’t they?) My neighbours are the sort of folks who grow their own vegetables and knock on everyone else’s door nearby with spares, turn up with a Mother’s Day present because “Charlie’s too small to go out to the shops and buy you one herself, so…” and invite you to join them on their porch for a mug of tea. In short, they are LEGENDARY, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have them close by. And finally…

x Big Smiles  Is this the prettiest of photographs? No! (The joys of having braces!) Is it the finest quality? 110% not! But it’s us, happy, silly and being the best of friends, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from this world. (Except for maybe a piece of cake… wouldn’t that be swell right now?!)

How was your week? I hope you’re having an extraordinary one!


What The Frock?! A Voyage To The Manukau Heads Lighthouse, Auckland ♥

What’s ‘What The Frock’? Well! In news so shocking that I contemplated contacting CNNthe undisputed winner of the ‘What Would You Like To See More Of?’ competition was “style” photographs of what I was wearing. (Gosh, who would’ve thought?!) I find this both utterly astonishing and magnificently terrifying, particularly as I believe that I have roughly the same amount of fashion credibility as, say, a dish cloth. BUT! You ask, and I deliver!

Manukau Heads Lighthouse The Manukau Heads Lighthouse, Auckland. Rather good-looking, isn’t it?!

When I arrived in Auckland last year, one of my first thoughts (aside from “ooh, isn’t the Sky Tower p-r-e-t-t-y?!”) was “RIGHT! How can I make this awesome? What can I do to maximise my time here so that I look back and think “wasn’t that chapter wonderful”?” My solution was to devise an Auckland Bucket List, an assembly of tasks that I could complete in the glorious city of sails before I set my sights elsewhere. Along with experiencing the metre-long magic that was Toto’s Pizzeria (done! Oh, and by the way: YUM!), a voyage to the Manukau Heads Lighthouse was a priority, so when Natasha suggested a day trip to explore it, I couldn’t have answered “YES!” fast enough.

The Manukau Heads Lighthouse is one of the few visitor-accessible lighthouses in New Zealand, which is precisely why I wanted to set foot in it. I mean, I’ve SEEN plenty of lighthouses before, but the idea of tiptoeing through one myself? Too cool! In person, it’s only a small wee thing, but the views overlooking the harbour are extraordinary. Pack a picnic and make a morning of it!

Its rickety wooden stairs just add to its allure…

new zealandAnd when you make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a panorama like this!

Manukau Heads Lighthouse
For what I knew would be a physical adventure, I threw on an Agent Ninety-Nine maxi-dress (comfortable, but not tracksuit pants, you know?), a $3 t-shirt from The Warehouse (thank-YOU, Boxing Day sales!), some New Look sandals and my trusty Glassons cross-body bag (who can be bothered with handbag straps when they’re carting an infant around? Not this mother!).

If you’re hankering after something just a little bit left-of-field to do on your next day off, why not take a trip to a lighthouse? You won’t regret it!


How To Wear Tan Ankle Boots ♥

tan ankle bootsIt was only AFTER hitting ‘purchase now’ on a pair of terrific tan ankle boots that I thought “wait a minute… I have no idea how to wear them!” I mean, their black equivalent and I have been best friends for YONKS, but tan? Eek! But with their gorgeous sturdy heel, exquisite zip detail and wallet-friendly price, these babies and I had to become acquainted, and with a little bit of vision (and a rainy morning spent on Polyvore), I discovered that they’re not so disastrous to style after all. Behold… the wardrobe pieces that I’d be delighted to introduce them to! (I think they’ll be exchanging numbers and setting up lunch get-togethers in no time, don’t you?!)how to wear tan ankle boots

A bright red tunic and a pair of black leggings keeps things low-key, but the jewel-laden cuff and statement handbag turns EVERYTHING up!

how to wear tan ankle boots

Oh, the simplicity!  While the tan cuff with gold embellishments ties back charmingly with the tan and gold on the boots, the basic creams, white and denim in the outfit ensure that the footwear and accessories remain the focus. (Or, at least that’s what I figured. What do I know? I’m sitting here in my dressing gown!)

tan ankle boots

I may or may not have been listening to Pennyroyal Tea during the composition of this ensemble… (And I love every single bit of it!)

new look bootsIs there a rule somewhere that dictates that you shouldn’t wear ankle boots with a maxi-dress? BLAH. Let’s ignore it!

How would you wear tan ankle boots? With a cape? Your treasured harem pants? Not at all?! Which is your favourite look?


Type, Type, Type! My Thoughts On How To Become A Better Writer ♥

If you’re needing a boot up the blogging backside (don’t we all!), look no further than #NZBloggers’ ‘Blog Greatness’, a weekly prompt for bloggers to use to get inspired, encouraged and most of all… posting! Today’s topic? ‘Type’. Here’s my interpretation of their idea!

(Disclaimer: I first published this piece in 2010.)

Type, type, type. Type, type, type! Type your words! Type your WORDS!

Ahem. Allow me to switch off KC & The Sunshine Band’s Shake, Shake, Shake.

Now! An expert on writing? Me?! Please! I’m as much as a virtuoso wordsmith as I am a master chef (and considering that I not only burned the vegetarian hot dogs that I was cooking for lunch today, but the bread rolls as well, this speaks volumes! Oh, and how could I forget the lid to the bottle of my barbecue sauce which so helpfully decided to fall off, too, drenching my charcoaled sausages and bread in sauce?! D’oh!), but in between listening to Queen and trying not to set my food alight, I do spend copious amounts of time engaged in this magnificent activity.

Blogging, tweeting, trying to convince my boss that saying “oh, ship’’ is a totally excusable replacement word for an expletive that rhymes with ‘oven mitt’ in the newsletters and blogs that I write for her travel company (which usually results in me standing there with outstretched arms saying “huh, huh? Get it – ship? Because we’re a travel company?!’’ Ba-doom-CHI!) –  my fingertips are a regular companion of the keyboard’s, and here’s what they’ve learned along the way!

Make Friends With A Thesaurus (Coffee Date Optional)

I don’t remember anything about fractions and I certainly don’t recall how to play the recorder (somehow I don’t think that my neighbours will be losing any sleep over this nugget of information!), but one thing that I have retained from my early education days is a teacher’s advice to experiment with using different words while writing. You see, I’d just written a story on how much I loved black labradors. I love black labradors!’’ I’d scribbled. Black labradors are the best because I love them!’’, my clearly cutting edge prose stated. Corrine, I love your story,’’ my polite teacher told me, but interesting stories use different words. What about if you said “adore’’ in here instead of using “love’’ so many times?’’

Mrs. Church, you were SPOT on. Interesting stories do use different words, which is precisely why I’ve enlisted Thesaurus as my writing companion when the only word that’s swirling around in my head is “fantastic’’ and I’ve already typed it 8,658 billion times!


Re-Read Your Content Out Loud (It’s Okay! It’s A Totally ‘Men-In-White-Jackets’ Safe Activity)

Fact: I do this with almost every piece that I type up. Why? Because too often I’ll be sitting there, whacking my keys away, thinking that everything’s all fine and dandy and then bang! I’ll re-read it, and there it is. A spelling mistake. A missing word. Something that makes absolutely no sense at ALL. How could I have missed this when I’ve already read it three times?!’’ I think. I don’t know, but I don’t usually miss a great big whopping mistake when I re-read it out loud. Fact #2: doing this also helps me to determine how flowing everything is, how easy to understand everything is. And goodness, reading your content out loud doesn’t have to be a boring exercise: who said that you can’t recite it all in a Scottish accent?!

Consider Your Audience (Even If They’re Purple, Scarf-Wearing Caterpillars! Which They’re Probably Not)

So you’ve thumped out an article, you’ve re-read it to yourself (and PHEW are you relieved that you didn’t use that analogy!) and now comes the time in which you must consider the audience that’s going to be viewing it. How will your words make them feel? How are theymeant to make them feel? Happy? Sad? (I hope not!) Informed? Inspired? What are they going to think when they examine your piece? What is the overall message that your piece is trying to convey, and do you think that it achieves it?

Stay True To Your Original Vision

Perhaps you started writing a novel on your passion for tennis balls. Maybe your blog/website is devoted purely to your hatred for snow globes. Whatever it is, remembering your original reason for beginning your project can help to keep your writing on track ENORMOUSLY. Stick a white label to your computer or laptop or pop a piece of paper beside it with the reminder does this piece demonstrate my hatred for snow globes enough?’’ scrawled on it, and ask yourself the question every time you’ve finished typing something up!

Do you have a secret writing tip? What? You won’t tell me, because that would defeat the point of having a secret” writing tip? Oh. I see. But what I lack in hotdog cooking I make up for in secret-keeping, I promise!


Sage: 3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Travelling ♥

postcardsmunichaustria The amazing alps of Austria.

If you’re needing a boot up the blogging backside (don’t we all!), look no further than #NZBloggers’ ‘Blog Greatness’, a weekly prompt for bloggers to use to get inspired, encouraged and most of all… posting! Today’s topic? ‘Sage’. Here’s my interpretation of their idea!

When I read the word ‘sage’, my brain immediately answered “aha! WISDOM!”, and began recalling three of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned while travelling…

#1: Expect The Unexpected. Actually, Don’t Expect Anything At All!

On the first day of a Contiki tour, where our bus was bound for Amsterdam and everyone in the group was GIDDY with glee, I was surprised to hear our supervisor announce that his biggest tip for our trip was to “have no expectations”. Huh? Have no expectations?! But… didn’t he realise how many years I’d spent fantasising about swanning around Italy with gelato?! (Only to discover that it wasn’t quite what I imagined?) “If you set sky-high expectations for every destination, you’re likely to be disappointed,” he continued. “But if you decide to approach everything with a positive attitude, minus the assumptions, you’ll enjoy yourself much more.” This turned out to be fabulous advice, and it’s logic that I’ve come to apply to everything, not purely travel. Picture that you’re about to attend a party. Isn’t it probably going to be 1,3737372 more fun if you arrive at it with zero pre-conceived ideas, rather than thinking “this is going to be the best night EVER!”? If it’s a fantastic evening, you’ll be thrilled. If it’s not, you won’t be too bothered. Win-win!

Mucking around in Munich, Germany. Hi!

#2: Ask For What You Want

It feels mildly embarrassing to croak “uh… excuse me… but um… would you mind… taking a photograph of me at all?” to a stranger, but it’ll feel WORSE if you miss out on capturing a beautiful moment in front of The Eiffel Tower because you were too nervous to ask anyone to take your picture! (I’ve previously plucked up my courage and approached people that I didn’t know at Buckingham Palace and in Dublin for snapshots. It’s true!) It’s not always easy to, but where it means missing out, ask for what you want. Won’t it be spectacular when you get it?!

#3: Your Coping Mechanisms Will Strengthen

Guess what?! Unfortunately, those pesky curveballs that the universe (I’m sorry, I usually avoid that expression at all costs, but here we are!) hurls at us during our day-to-day lives don’t just decide to pack up their bags and go on holiday because you’re on holiday. Things can, do and will go wrong when you’re travelling, and they’re often ten times more stressful because you’ll also be navigating foreign maps, languages, currency and transport when they do. But your coping mechanisms will strengthen, and as a result, you’ll develop a unique breed of resilience that you wouldn’t possess if you hadn’t chosen to gallivant across the planet. Hooray!

Not leaving your passport tucked into the seat of your plane? (Oops. Guilty!) Carrying a credit card for emergencies? What life lessons have you learned while travelling?


Taking Stock ♥

Whakatane, New Zealand ♥

The pretty blossom-lined streets of Whakatane, where even in winter, it’s mostly tropical!

My Foxy Corner is one of my favourite online reads, so when Lizzy suggested that her audience complete her regular ‘Taking Stock’ challenge, I was only too happy to oblige. Here we go!

Making : E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! In news that probably won’t cause you to clutch your pearls, as a single parent and a student (and having just purchased an itty-bitty place), my finances aren’t exactly flourishing at the moment. Things are tight, but rather than sink into a hole of despondency, I make EVERY meal, and try to treat budgeting as a sport. (If I spent $58 on last week’s groceries, my attitude is likely to be “RIGHT! What can I whip up for the next seven days so that my next bill is only $48?” What can I say? Sometimes, I’m competitive!)
Cooking : Tonight, it’s vegetarian patties with lemon and pepper-sprinkled oven fries. (They’re $1.99 a bag at Pak N’ Save. Who could resist?!)
Drinking : Ginger beer with crushed ice, mmm-mmm.
Reading: Assignment briefs. *cue the Never-Ending Story theme*
Wanting: This lounge suite. And then there’s this entertainment unit. And a guitar! Some garlic bread wouldn’t go astray, either…
Looking: Ahead. (Always!)
Playing:  The Foo Fighters.
Deciding: On a cake design for Charlie. It’s her first birthday in a few months *sniff*! I’m really not ready for my baby to grow up… but she is!
Wishing: For an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan. Or an entire decade in America. (Neither of them are going to happen, but how enchanting they’d BE!)
Enjoying: The glorious pitter-patter of the sound of rain on my roof.
Waiting: For my degree to be completed, so that I can take my next step. Sadly, I’m going to be waiting a while!
Photo on 15-08-14 at 7.53 PM #2
Liking: Stumbling across old photographs. (LOOK AT HER!) Also, that I now have braces. 
Wondering: What life will look like in five years time. (I intend for it to be very different!) 
Loving: That the world is changing, and Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. As Ellen DeGeneres so perfectly put it: “Bruce Jenner is a beautiful, brave human being. He’s saving lives and opening minds.”
Pondering: What I’d like to achieve next.
Considering: Starting essay #2436373. It’s not going to write itself, is it? (Trust me, they don’t, I’ve found out the hard way!)
Buying: Ha! What’s that?! The BARE MINIMUM, I can assure you! I’m saving every spare penny.
Watching: *whispers* Judge Rinder. And documentaries on London on YouTube.
Hoping: That when Charlie recalls her upbringing, she knows just how much she was loved. That child makes my heart beat and my mind race with motivation. I want to be everything that I can for her.
Marvelling: At a message I received from the lovely Kahurangi a couple of months ago. She was planning a day trip to Auckland, and asked if we could meet, however I’d JUST put in an offer on my unit in Whakatane, which I had a feeling was going to be successful. I’ve known her online for years, and when I replied that I’d love to, but couldn’t guarantee that I’d still be in Auckland, she instantly replied “I knew you’d be getting itchy feet! I didn’t think you’d still be living in the same city in a few months time.” Isn’t it funny how well people can come to know you without having met you? She was right! My wings are constantly flapping, begging to be stretched somewhere else…
Cringing: Rarely. Mistakes – even the stupidest of ones – inspire progress!
Needing: Continued good health, because without it, we have nothing. I had food poisoning last week (the WORST), which only reinforced this!
Whakatane, New Zealand
Questioning: How to savour each and every day. 
Smelling: The sweet scent of freshly washed sheets. 
Wearing: My dressing gown. I know. “I’m so fan-cy…!”
Following: For updates on friends that are in Nepal. Thankfully, they’re safe, but their hearts are breaking at the devastation that’s occurring in their country, and so is mine. It is one of the most special destinations, with the most extraordinary people
Noticing: The similarities between The Foo Fighters’ Weenie Beenie and Queens Of The Stone Age’s Millionaire. COME ON. That riff! Those vocals! Somebody else has to have noticed this!
Knowing: That today’s struggles are temporary. 
Thinking: Perpetually.
Admiring: Kez. She has the most incredible heart. And musicians. If only I could play like them!
Sorting: Everything into where it should be. One of the benefits of having a small home is that there’s absolutely zero room for disorder, which delights me! (I loathe clutter!) The older I get, the less I’m trying to accumulate. “Buy what’s essential and spend the rest on travel” is my motto, because at the end of the day, we can’t take our possessions with us! 
Getting: Excited for the future. 
Bookmarking: Recipes to try. Doesn’t this curry sound delectable?! 
Coveting: Furniture.
Disliking: People who are inconsiderate. Blurgh!
Opening: A wedding invitation from one of my oldest, closest friends, who’s marrying in Sydney at the end of the year. 
Giggling: At this video that my sister just sent me. (What did I just watch and WHY AM I STILL LAUGHING?!)
Feeling: A combination of grateful, and restless. 
Snacking: Not at the moment. Or much, actually! I prefer a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Wishing: For everything to work out exactly as it needs to. Cripes. Aren’t we all?!
Helping: A little one find her feet (literally). Her current obsession is using me as a jungle gym while she practices standing. 
Hearing: Infant cries. Charlie’s hungry! (She’s taken to eating feijoas and is demolishing two a day.)


In Another Lifetime… ♥


The other night Natasha and I were discussing what we’d complete in another lifetime. She mentioned that she’d pursue a second degree. My mind immediately sprinted to visions of packing for Paris (ugh, wouldn’t it be extraordinary? Imagine living amongst its history!) and training as a hairdresser for a hobby (it’s often an expensive service, and when it comes to styling my tresses, I have the imagination of a pine cone. I’d love to become skilled!).What would you do if you were presented with the opportunity of being reborn? Learn Chinese? Dye your locks turquoise? Become a volunteer firefighter? I’d…

Move To Another Country

Okay, so I’ve spent the majority of my existence in Australia and I’m now in New Zealand, but with the two so geographically close and relatively similar, does it REALLY count?! If I was to return, I’d dart off to France and immerse myself in a new language or drag my butt to Britain and embrace its differences. (Pssst! Once I’ve finished my degree, this is actually something that I intend to do this time around, anyway!)

Study Law

Do you ever think “goodness it’d be great to study ___ if I had the availability/funds/etc.”? I frequently muse about how fascinating it’d be to practice law. And graphic design. And photography. And jewellery-making. Hmmm. Maybe I need to be reincarnated a few times…!

Apply For A Position At An All-Inclusive Resort

Have you ever seen those job listings which guarantee free accommodation, a killer salary AND (usually) heavily-discounted food… provided that you’re willing to re-locate? They often involve living onsite at resorts or hotels, and gol-ly, think of the ADVENTURES you’d have! (And how quickly your bank account would build up!) Back in the day, as an early twenty-something filly in Sydney, I’d briefly contemplated the idea until I remembered that I had a long-term boyfriend, a mortgage and (at the time) no desire to leave either of them. But if I was given a second life? You bet I’d be applying!

Participate As An Exchange Student

Nothing about sending their teenage daughter to co-habitate with strangers on the other side of the world appealed to my folks, and now that I’m a parent myself, I can understand, but my oh my, what an experience it’d be!

Work In The Kitchen Of A Sushi Or Japanese Restaurant

Ha! Don’t laugh! Oh alright, chortle away, because it is fairly ridiculous, isn’t it? I don’t even know why I’d like to work in one, but for a teeny-tiny period of time, I think it would be fabulous!

What would you adore to do if you were given a second life…?